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Malmaison Fort

This fort built in 1877 belongs to Séré Rivières’s system of defence, which controlled the access to Paris by the valleys of the Vesle, the Oise and the Aisne. It ensures the optical communication between the forts protecting Laon and Soissons. Its rampar

... full index card.

The Cave of the Dragoon, Museum of the Chemin des Dames
The Cave of the Dragoon is ... full index card.
California Plateau
California Plateau in the heart of the Chemin ... full index card.
Constellation de la Douleur
This work of art is dedicated to the thousands of men ... full index card.
Craonne: arboretum and remains of the village
The village of Craonne, today known for ... full index card.
Laffaux Mill
Today, Laffaux’s mill crossroads ... full index card.
In that place and since mid-19th century ... full index card.
The tanks Monument
This national memorial pays tribute to ... full index card.
Monument for the 27th Battalion of Chasseurs Alpins
This monument pays ... full index card.
The Guardian Angel Calvary
This big Calvary has been standing ... full index card.
The Chemin des Dames military cemeteries
Today, 14 French military cemeteries ... full index card.
The (destroyed) monument of Hurtebise
The historic site of Hurtebise, whose name ... full index card.
Vauclair Abbey
Cistercian abbey founded in 1134 ... full index card.
Rouge-Maison quarries
The former quarries of Rouge-Maison, ... full index card.
Condé Fort
Exceptional historic site situated not so far from the Chemin ... full index card.
Napoleon Monument
This stone statue of Napoleon 1st sculpted by ... full index card.
The monument for the marine riflemen
Unveiled in 1938, this monument reminds us ... full index card.
The monument to the Basques
Monument erected in 1928, after a subcrition ... full index card.
The Monument for the Marie-Louise
Erected in 1927, the monument ... full index card.
Saint-Martin « art-deco » church
This «art-deco», particularly representative ... full index card.
Sainte Berthe Chapel
This chapel dominates the Ailette valley ... full index card.
Royère panorama
The site of Royère offers a panorama on ... full index card.
Aisne 14-18 Le centenaire - Au coeur de la Grande Guerre