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The Western Front Association
The Western Front Association (WFA) was formed with the aim of furthering interest in The Great War of 1914-1918.

Victoria Cross
Discover the portrait of 50 brave soldiers.
 After their heroic deeds, they received the highest and most prestigious military decoration awarded by the British and Commonwealth Armed Forces: the VICTORIA CROSS.

French-American Museum of Blérancourt Castle
Museum closed for restoration until autumn 2008.

Group of International Research and of Debate about World War I
French-Speaking site about the Great War

Historial of the Great War
Trilingual Museum that explains the war, its origins and its consequences through the parallel history of three belligerent countries, Germany, France and United Kingdom.

Ulster Tower
Memorial and museum in the memory of the soldiers from Northern Ireland and in particular those from the 36th Division enlisted on 1st July 1916.

Internet Site  about the Great War in the Somme (French) / (English)
Internet Site of the Departmental Committee of Tourism in the Somme in which all the necessary information was integrated for you to prepare tour trip in the in the battlefields on the Somme.

Seclin Fort
Séré de Rivières Fort, private site and collection

In Flanders Fields
Intercative Museum open since 1998 and that offers concepts for museums and modern techniques of presentation.

Commemorative monument of Canada in Vimy
Commemorative monument in the place of the battle of the crest of Vimy that pays tribute to all the Canadians who fought for their homeland during WWI.

Memorial of the linen
Famous battlefields of War 1914-1918, historic site listed. The Memorial Museum explains the history and the daily life of the two fields.

National Monument of the Vieil Armand
National listed monument since 1921, the Vieil Armand is a place of remembrance.

Shelter in memory of Uffholtz
Former German hospital of country, at the foot of the Vieil Armand, transformed in a centre of resources and interpretation about the Great War in Alsace and the Vosges.

The Pompelle Fort
Séré de Rivières Fort, museum 1914-1918.

Ossuary Monument of Navarin
Chapel and crypt that shelter the remains of 10,000 soldiers and the grave of General Gouraud.

National Monument  for the first battle of the Marne
Monument and museum that reminds us the sacrifice of the soldiers of the Marne and the stopping of the invasion in 1914.

Memorial of the battles of the Marne
Memorial built in Dormans, place chosen by Sergeant Foch. It commemorates the two battles of the Marne (September 1914 and July 1918).

Hillock of the Vauquois
1914-1918 listed site, high place of wars of mines in Argonne

Memorial of Verdun
Museum memorial situated in the heart of the battlefield of Verdun: heavy weapons, vehicles, planes, reconstitutions, craftwork, etc.

L'association "Connaissance de la Meuse"


Museum of wall memory
Conservatory museum with a rich collection of different testimonies engraved and sculpted in the limestone walls by French, American and German soldiers.

Clearing Memorial of the Armistice
The Museum presents the armistices of 11th November 1918 and 22nd June 1940. Uniforms, crafts from the trenches, arms, stereoscopic views…



Aisne 14-18 Le centenaire - Au coeur de la Grande Guerre